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OutsideInnovation is an engineering services company that provides unique solutions to challenging engineering problems throughout the world.  We specialize in projects that empower human exploration worldwide and frequently work on aerospace components, deep sea submersibles, and backcountry expeditions. Through these endeavors we have developed a broad skill set and passionate work ethic that we bring to every project.  Experience includes the following:

  • Research and Development

  • Aerospace Propulsion, Attitude Control, and simulated space environments

  • Deep Sea Submersible Systems (muv and rov)

  • Exploration and Field Support

  • Cad, Fea, cfd, thermal, and other hardware analysis

  • Data Processing and Analysis (signal analysis, data science, etc.)

  • Sensor Systems, Data Acquisition, and Controls

  • Manufacturing (from 1-10M units) Worldwide, automation, and process improvement